Old Time Florida Publications supplies specialty Greeting Cards to retailers and the general public. Our cards are authentic reprints of old Orange Crate Labels and are reproduced exactly as they appeared decades ago. They are economically priced and make ideal Florida souvenirs.
​​Highly desired and collectible, our postcards are printed on heavy card stock and portray real artistic trademarks as they appeared in the early days of the Florida citrus industry.

​​Suitable for framing, each of our 24 styles is authentically sized at 6-3/4" square, making them - with the exception of the attractive white frame border printed around each card - exact reproductions of original labels.
The backs of these unique cards are printed in "greeting-card" format.
​Very few early Florida artistic orange crate labels still exist. Most of the ones that do are in museums, in private collections, or - if they are not so rare - are distributed by dealers.

​​You can buy some of the more common labels for about $30.00 apiece...
However, expect to pay several hundred dollars for original artistic labels like "Old Black Joe", or an early "Mammy" - if you can find them. If you do, these two labels alone could easily cost well over $1000 each!

​​Reprints of many of the old desirable labels are common and easy to obtain. The problem is that most of these reprints are of two basic types:

​​First, there are ones made with a common color-copier using standard glossy paper. These generally sell for about seven or eight dollars, but are generally not a very good quality.

Secondly are those glossy little "miniature's" sometimes printed sideways on typical 4x6-inch postcard stock. Useless for just about anything, these ​little square images just don't fit rectangular cards.
​​The truth is, most reproduction Orange Crate Labels are not very practical, or are quite expensive! Or Both...
​​Considering cost, quality, and authenticity, Old Time Florida Publications' Orange Crate Label/Greeting Cards make the most sense.

​​Our product is superior in quality and price, and appeals to tourists, is ideal for promotions, inclusions, framing, decorating, sharing with friends or for boundless arts and crafts projects! This unique product is lithographed using original specifications and state of the art print technology.
Each image is printed on card stock and has been cut to original size. A distinctive white frame border has been added and enhances the appeal of these attractive artful prints...                 
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